These blogs exist to inspire you with happy thoughts, unusual things to do, entertainment, and a few ideas, challenges, and prizes to make your life happier.

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The DOiT Challenge is designed to push you past the edge of creativity and hilarity.

  • DOiTs are taken from the book Coffee Cups & Wine Glasses by Debbie Seagle. To fully understand the DOiTs, it would help to have the book, but it’s not required to enter.
  • DOiT Challenges are in DOiT Blog Pages.
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10 Things

DOiT Challenge


  • Have fun. Be creative. Be safe.
  • By entering the contest, you agree to allow DOIT Publishing, LLC and Debbie Seagle to use your content on social media and share it with everyone who has a sense of humor.
  • PHOTOS and VIDEOS will Not be judged for professionality, but for the laughter and happiness created as a result of your DOiT. It must be clear what you are doing, but you can change it up a little if you want. You do not have to appear in the photo/video. You can get a willing friend to either DOiT for you, DOiT with you, and/or record it for you!
  • If you win a particular Challenge and have an accomplice, we will double the prize and you will both win the prize.

TIP: Be sure to video or photograph the reactions of people around you. After you’ve stopped laughing, tell them what you’re doing so they have a chance to tell you it’s ok to publish it. Record it for proof.

Sample Disclaimer Script: “I’m participating in a DOiT Challenge for people with a sense of humor. I’m hoping to win by spreading joy and happiness today. Thank you for helping me. Are you ok with that?”

You might suggest that they could become famous, make someone laugh until they pee their pants, or have a good story to tell later…


The deadline for all DOiT Challenge entries is June 10, 2023.


  • Judges will be randomly selected from volunteer authors on  You can sign up for free and leave a review on my book; it wouldn’t hurt. Plus, you’ll find some great deals.
  • DOiT Challenge # 6, a February Challenge, and another DOiT Challenge in April will be judged on the DOiT Group on Facebook where the Winner is publicly selected by popular vote before June 10, 2023. It’s Free to join the DOiT Group.


Prizes will be awarded for each individual DOiT Challenge on July 10, 2023.
July 10, 2023: 1st anniversary of Coffee Cups & Wine Glasses. AND – the title reveal date for my Children’s Series. Hint: Available before Christmas in 2023.

If you win a particular Challenge and have an accomplice, we will double the prize and you will both receive it. Maximum 2 prizes per winner sent to the original entrant’s address.

Each DOiT Challenge has a separate prize.

BONUS: Anyone who submits 10 or more DOiT Challenges will be entered into a Grand Prize Drawing in the summer of 2023. (It’s a really good prize.)

DISCLAIMER: Every DOiT in this challenge is for the purpose of inspiring buffoonery, whimsy, and fun. DOiTs are not professionally tested activities or solutions to finding happiness. However, they can reveal a better way to live, improve, and enjoy your life.
Consult with your physician, best friend, attorney, and/or psychiatrist before trying any of the Life Back DOiTs or any other suggestions in this blog, anywhere online or in my emails or books. Any user of anything I suggest assumes the full risk and aftereffects of insult, injury, embarrassment, and legal consequences resulting from performing any activity in the DOiT Challenge, DOIT Books, and/or Blogs. I will only be held accountable for my own actions. You do whatever makes you happy. Hopefully, everything you do from now on will make you happy!