A Proven Way to Create a Happier World

First, smile. Just make up one if you don’t have one right now. Fake it.

Now Laugh. Fake it. You can!

The simple act of smiling or laughing can make you happier. Your endorphins don’t know if you’re sincerely smiling and laughing or forcing it. The fact is, forcing happiness actually makes you feel happier. How much happier you are willing to feel is up to you. Just DOIT! Smile now.

Even better: smile at a stranger. Too often we brush past strangers without a glance, or a straight or scowling face. At best, we might give people a tolerant little smile, to show that we are not mean. Usually most of us try to avoid any eye contact at all.
Try this instead: look strangers in the eye, and give them a genuine smile. In most cases, you’ll get a smile in return. The more you smile, the more smiles you’ll see in return. That can change your day in so many ways! It may be a simple start to getting your Life Back – DOIT.

End result? A happier world. So simple!

2 thoughts on “A Proven Way to Create a Happier World

  1. silly D says:

    Great content!

  2. Susan Hunrath says:

    Love it. I try to do that every day.

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